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       Are you prepared for a cyber-attack?

You can trust Frost, PLLC to create a tactical, operational and strategic approach to your employee cybersecurity training that is adapted to meet the specific threats to your company and industry.

Our cybersecurity training utilizes a mixture of in-person and online classes – along with simulated attacks – to help build awareness with your employees. Frost, PLLC leverages our extensive accounting and business experience to provide training that extends beyond traditional training to address the risks at the company level – not just as it pertains to IT. We work with you to ensure our training plan meets the unique risks including multiple locations, regulatory requirements, business demands, and employee exposure risks.

Specifically, our training program focuses on the following simulated attack types:

  • Unlimited Phishing Email Campaigns
  • Unlimited Vishing Campaigns (Phone Calls)
  • USB Drop Campaigns

Our goal is to provide you with a customized program that meets your needs and goals for cybersecurity, educating your IT experts, and lessening the exposure of the company as a whole.

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