Estate and succession planning tailored to the specific needs of individuals and businesses. At Frost, we recognize that wealth created by a business will not always match up with the timing of cash flow generated by a business. Our team of professionals understands that a wide range of strategies are necessary to preserve wealth. Incorporating professional management should always be considered as part of your strategy. Failing to build wealth has the same effect as failing to preserve it over time. Our estate and succession planning team will take the time to effectively and fully evaluate each individual situation and recommend the best possible solutions and services including:

  • Marshalling of assets
  • Discovering the most appropriate titleholder for assets
  • Provide guidance in building consequential compensation strategies
    for key professional management personnel
  • Reviewing requirements for insurance proceeds
  • Considering appropriate beneficiary designations
  • Preparation of a last will and testament
  • Preparation of appropriate trust documents
  • Review and long term planning for estate taxation consequences
  • Planning for income taxation consequences resulting from transfers
    of assets

Completion of Reporting & Recommendations

Upon the completion of the reporting phase, we will continue to cycle and begin the planning phase for the next year’s audit. Perhaps, the most important aspect of our audit is the communication letters we issue your organization at the end of the engagement. It is Frost’s belief that no engagement is complete unless the service provides you with a management tool for planning for the future.

A few examples of our recommendations include:

  • Assessment of new and pending financial pronouncements and their impact on the financial statements.
  • Our in-depth analysis allows us to identify opportunities in areas such as tax or business valuations to save you money. 
  • Education on the latest business risks such as information security enhancements, disaster recovery, and new fraud schemes to help protect your organization owners, board members, and management.


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