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Publicly traded companies face heightened scrutiny from regulators and investors with accounting needs unique and separate from private companies.

Public companies need a professional team that understands their special needs and knows how to provide the right service and advice in the context of today’s volatile capital markets.

Frost has built a niche dedicated to serving mid-sized public companies, which face the same regulations of Fortune 500 companies but oftentimes with very limited resources. For example, many public companies struggle with the requirements for Sorbanes-Oxley Act Section 404 and the requirements for full and transparent disclosure in their required filings.

We understand these constraints and offer practical solutions for public companies attempting to tackle the myriad of disclosure requirements, implement an internal control structure and maintain adequate accounting functions. Our team understands various industry issues, as well as the accounting, processing and disclosure issues with which public companies must contend. We’ve learned that timely, simple solutions exist for even the most complicated accounting matters. Helping you cut through the complexities and delivering the right answers in a timely way – this is how we add value.

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